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How you can improve focus in organizations and align for success
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Scooped by Billy R Bennett!

'You don't win a war with a defensive strategy' | Flanders Today

'You don't win a war with a defensive strategy' | Flanders Today | Align People |
Billy R Bennett's insight:

A Great Article

...too bad you are only getting the English language condensed version.    There is a European leadership segment  that values both innovation and long term growth.  While it has taken a hit in recent years the long term view of the world is still very much alive and well.  During the recession years European companies have swallowed a number of non-european companies with this same eye to long term growth. 

How does this help in aligning people?

When aligning people, they benefit from knowing that values for the long journey and demand for innovation and growth clearly guide actions.  And yes, defense is great but "You don't win a war with a defensive strategy"

By the way... The original De Tijd headline....  "We no longer live from the sweat of people"

Align People

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Scooped by Billy R Bennett!

Jamie Peace (WG'13) : Leadership under Fire - Wharton Journal

Jamie Peace (WG'13) : Leadership under Fire - Wharton Journal | Align People |
Wharton JournalJamie Peace (WG'13) : Leadership under FireWharton JournalHumility and Empowering subordinates: Jamie built endearing followership with his subordinates by accepting his mistakes candidly and regularly engaging in feedback sessions...
Billy R Bennett's insight:

Jamie Peace is a Wharton student with 10 years of military service.   

In this student profile, every aspiring leader should take a few tips from someone who leads facing each day where the consequences of decisions are life or death. 

So what does a life or death leader rely on? 

1.  Being a student of leadership

2.  Confidence, Competence, & Proficiency

3.  Humility & Empowering Subordinates

4.  Setting The Example

Yep.  That's the guy I would follow if I had a choice.  What about you?  Who do you want as your son or daughter's leader in harm's way?  I know... I bet you want the guy who has all the answers and gives great  powerpoint presentations. 

Why is is that when I walk into a failing or soon to fail workplace the leaders rarely check any of these boxes?  In the past six months most western businesses have been working through some of the most difficult times since the Great Depression.  So was working on your leadership skills at the top of your list?  Perhaps you should test yourself on the last six months...

  1. What actions have you taken to learn something new to  be a better leader?   How did you put it into practice?
  2. What competencies and proficiencies did you develop further?
  3. What would my staff say  about your "Humility"?
  4. What did you do to empower and enable you team members?  (Hint: What barriers did you remove, what capabilities did you develop or support?)
  5. What has been the example I set during this time?  What have you tried to model for others? How successful have you been?

You do not want to compare your pay and responsibilities with the pay and responsibilities of Jamie Peace as he was leading in Afghanistan.  I know I don't. As a U.S. taxpayer, I believe we got our money's worth. 

I wonder if my shareholders and customers would say the same about me? 

What about you?

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