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Scooped by Billy R Bennett!

Employee Turnover Study Reveals How Engagement Helps Bottom Line - PR Web (press release)

Employee Turnover Study Reveals How Engagement Helps Bottom Line
PR Web (press release)
The report also discusses differences in the areas of trust in senior leaders, goal alignment, feeling valued, benefits, teamwork, and trust with coworkers.
Billy R Bennett's insight:

The data in this report supports our own research from organization engagement surveys performed for more than 20 years...we have seen averages from 20 percent to 50%  "at risk" employees.  The lower the satisfaction numbers the higher the risk.

Here are a few other tid bits...

  •   The average annual turnover rate is 12.9 percent.
  •     28 percent of employees are at risk for turnover in 2013.
  •     New employees are at less risk for turnover than those who have been employed for a year or more.
  •     Exited employees are four times more likely to not think of ways to do their jobs better.
  •     Of the 10 areas of engagement, retention, manager effectiveness, and job satisfaction are the areas exited and retained employees’ perceptions differ most.
  •     Exited employees have considerably unfavorable perceptions about recognition and their opportunities for professional growth.

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Scooped by Billy R Bennett!

Work Engaged, Work Inspired |

Work Engaged, Work Inspired | | Align People |
Engaged workers are happier, more productive, and more enthusiastic about their work.
Billy R Bennett's insight:

A great Infographic from Mindjet.  The word "engaged" when applied to employees is so often diluted.  This does a good job and should be an example for us all.

1.  Define Engagement and Disengagement.  I've known many companies because they had an 80% satisfaction rate - they thought the 80% meant engagement.  Ive seen many "satisfed" and disengaged people. Haven't you?

2.  Spell out the benefit of engagement versus disengagement.   If you are not clear, you cannot justify the investments in engagement creating initiatives.  If you cannot justify it, it is a cost not an investment.  Costs get cut.

3. Plan to Re-engage.   So just how are you going to get them back?  Hmmm?

I would love to see comments about what keeps you passionate about your work...

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